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Department of Industrial Design
In the early stages of Industrial Design Program at the Taipei Institute of Technology, it was consist of both Architecture and Industrial Design. At that time, it was established under the Department of Civil Engineering as a two year program. It wasn’t until 1978, the insert of Furniture Design Group, which slowly turn into the Industrial Design Department we see today. By late 1997, the renaming of Taipei Institute of Technology to National Taipei University of Technology, lead to the official start Industrial Design Department.

The department is divided into two groups, Product Design and Furniture and Interior Design. Both groups contain low student to teacher ratio, to help cultivate students and preparing them in response to the needs of the industry. Teaching not only theories but also hands on practice to receive a degree from Taipei Tech. One of the requirements of students is to participate in a design exhibition at the end of each semester, allowing teachers, industry operators, and design experts to come and critique on the student's work, preparing them for the industry.